Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Babbling About Books

So I've just been sitting here this evening thinking about books.

About 6 months ago on Facebook I started following a page called Books Are Magic. I came across it via a friend sharing one of their pictures and just kept following. Almost everytime I see one of the pictures/memes they post I have to agree with them. Sometimes I read whatever it is and just want to yell and scream out "THAT'S MEEEEEEEEE!". I also through these pictures come across a Tumblr page called Confessions of a Compulsive Reader. There goes the rest of my evening!

Anyway I think I will share here a few of the things that Books Are Magic have shared on their page with you. My favourites as you will. And then maybe if I can motivate myself I will do this more again.

Here we go in no particular order:


This one is one that is very, very true for me. My friends in high school would literally drag me out of bookstores or even just grab my arm before I could walk in. If I forced myself to walk past without going in they congratulated me.


This one is so true that I did actually laugh when I read it. I have quite often said that when I get my own house I will have a room in that house that would be a dedicated library. A room where I can have my books and sit and read and just relax and escape from the world all around. It will have an epic cushioned window seat and bookshelves that line the walls to the ceiling. It will have at least one beanbag and it will be mine.


This one was only posted today but I would definitely agree with it. Sometimes something happens in a book and I just have to shut the book, squeeze my eyes shut and breathe. Either that or I yell at the character something along the line of "Nooo! You stupid! Don't do that! Grrrr!"


Oh books, how I wish I could dedicate my time to you. And my entire paycheck. Alas! 'Tis not to be!

I used to work right near a bookstore in Sydney called Basement Books. It was heaven and hell all in one. I spent most lunchtimes in there and I am pretty sure I bought at least one book a week there... at least. I love that shop. If I was going to the city of a weekend too, then I would also visit. A year or so after that I was working somewhere else and found a St Vincent De Paul shop with a fantastic and extremely cheap selection of second hand books. I got most of the Kathy Reichs and Patrica Cornwell books I own from there. I miss working near that shop.


This is probably the most accurate description I have ever seen and read for a bookworm and the need to finish a book or read before bed. It is entirely true for me and I am sure many other people. I frequently fool myself into thinking I am going to go to bed early or that I can survive of 5 hours sleep. It never works out as planned.


My friends have often joked about the size of my handbags or the amount of stuff I take with me. The truth? I refuse to buy a handbag unless it is big enough for my wallet, glasses case, keys, drink bottle and... a book. Bonus points to a bag that is big enough to hold a hardcover novel. Triple bonus points if it is big enough for that second book to take with me for when I finish the first one. In fact if I go somewhere without a book... I kind of feel naked.


This one ties in with the previous one. I always want to take more books with me than there is room for. Recently I went to Estonia for just over a week. I had several books I wanted to finish but couldn't take them all. In the end I compromised and took a couple of books and my Kobo ereader. It is for reasons like this I bought the Kobo in the first place. It will never replace the need for real books though. I went to Spain in September and took one book with me only. I read it one and a half times on that trip between all the touristy stuff.


This is pretty much accurate. I read books in bed every day. I would rather be lying on my bed and reading most of the time than sitting on the couch in the loungeroom. I think this all comes from the fact that reading in my room as a kid was a lot quieter than reading in the loungeroom. Also that's where my books are all kept.


This one just made me laugh when I saw it. Pretty much describes my feelings when I really get into a book. I imagine exactly how the characters are and then nothing can really change that even if the book gets made into a movie.


This is a true problem for me at times. I get really into my books and don't notice what is happening around me sometimes. And it's not just something that has started happening now I am a bit older. When I was in primary school we had something called Silent Reading Time for about 15 minutes after recess. One day I got so sucked into the book I was reading that it wasn't until about 15 minutes after everyone had got up to go sit on the floor and listen to the teacher that I noticed I was the only person still sitting at the desks. I was about 8 at the time too. Woops!

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