Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Star Wars Episode VII: The Little Mermaid.....

So the last thing I ever thought I would be blogging about is the fact that the almighty George Lucas, creator and Supreme Overlord of Star Wars has SOLD his company, Lucasfilm Ltd.... to DISNEY!

You can read more here or just do a quick google search, but the basics of the deal are for a total of $4.05 Billion in cash and stocks George Lucas has sold his 100% share of Lucasfilm Ltd to Disney who are planning a new movie- reportedly Episode VII- for release in 2015.

Now this to me is something I never, EVER contemplated happening. It just seemed obvious that Lucas wouldn't reliquish the control he has over Star Wars, especially not to a major studio, but thinking about it in hindsight of this news... it was kind of inevitable to happen. He won't live forever and I think he is one of those people who would hate to think that what he created would just die out with him. He wants it to continue(whether for altruistic reasons or otherwise).

So my question now is what sort of new stuff apart from this film can we expect as a result of this? Also I really want to know what the new film will be about. I'm nervous and excited for the future of Star Wars all at once!

Also... what silly names can you think of for Star Wars Episode VII?

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  1. Starwars VII Fall of the alliance,New Jedi Republic,Rise of Black Sun. But this is all very exciting & We might finally get a live action Tv series that the fans have been dying for for years :)