Monday, July 1, 2013

A Little Princess

Last week I went to the library and I was looking through the books for children and young adults in English to see if there were any good books. I came across one book in particular. One I haven't read in a long time, but that I have loved since the first time I did read it. That book was A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

I first read this book when I was about 6 or 7 years old. It was not long after the newest movie adaptation of sorts had been released, and my dad had taken us out one evening to the shops and we ended up in a bookstore where he either told us we could choose a book each, or I bugged him until he got me a book. Either way I came home with the book and proceeded to read it. I loved it, and read it many times as a child.

Fast forward to last week and I decided to borrow it and read it. I have to say that I love the book as much as I ever did as a child. I'm not sure what it is exactly that made me love this book but I think maybe it's the fact that there is some mystery and romanticism to it. It also has some great imagery and descriptions. Having read it again, as well as having read The Secret Garden over New Years, it makes me want to go and rediscover more books from my childhood that I loved and read many times. I'm thinking I might see if the library has Little Women and borrow that and re-read it.


  1. That was a good read. be meaning to post on here ever since you left Australia. your probably back now actually. i thought id find blogs on starwars, eurovision and starwars. Overall your bloggs are goood, i can feel your anger.

  2. Thanks! I did watch Eurovision... I just didn't blog this year because I missed the semi-finals.

    Still not in Australia. Don't really blog about Star Wars specifically... mostly just about geeky stuff in general.

    And who are you??? This is going to bug me trying to work out who you are!

  3. Aha nothing worse than not knowing who someone is, its on your mind most of the day and your like err who is it! Really sucks. Do you have an email? maybe i can come up with a riddle for now? from the coast thy be, yet now thy live in Sydney, our last conversation was about your blog and travel, some eurovison and starwars babble! Eurovison was cheesy as expected, i don't know what some were thinking lol. others were great though. "its my life" surprised me lol i still don't know what i think about that song

  4. "it's my life"??? Ok now I'm even more confused. I really am trying to work out who you are but I am drawing a complete and utter blank. Brain no workies!

    And I have an email but I don't like to put it up on here. Who knows who trolls and what kind of spam I would end up with.

  5. Fair enough. Is it still the hotmail one? i think my account may be active still. My life, that was one of the songs this year on eurovison., the singer was a vampire i think with a really high voice. YouTube it for sure. you probably won't guess it although i didn't think you knew many people that would talk about starwars lol. yes I've watched the series too many times lol.

  6. I'm a member of a fan forum and just passed 10 years on there a few months ago... Some of my best friends are fellow fans. I know PLENTY of people to talk Star Wars with.