Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Thanks to the inspiration for this post- The one known as Little Miss Poppit

Those that know me know I am quite a clutz at times. My brothers claim I can't walk through the house without knocking something over. I maintain that is just because they have no sense of balance when creating their precarious piles of junk. That said it is true, I am a clutz. I manage to hurt myself at least once a day without any effort on my behalf. Whether it is a knee hit or elbow hit on a desk, hand on a wall as I am walking down a hall or walking INTO a doorframe(and this happens alot!), I am bound to hurt myself in some manner.

I lived in the same house for 18 years and by the time I moved out I was STILL walking into doorframes! You'd think I would have learned the spatial dimensions of my own home within an 18 year span but somehow I didnt. And it never fails at work that you will hear a *BANG* then cursing as my knee once again hits the set of drawers under the desk. This was particularly common at my last job where I worked at the front counter and there were metal bits sticking from the bottom of the counter so that you could adjust the level the keyboard sat at. Needless to say being a short person and needing the height of the chair to be on a proper level with the screen my knees were constantly hitting those as I swiveled in the chair. It was also quite common for me to collect myself on the filing draws underneath the counter. Without fail AT LEAST 3 times a day. As I said clutziness just comes naturally to me.

So I wonder if I will ever reach a stage in life where I will be able to live without hurting myself on everyday objects that surround me. Is this a common occurance for everyone or am I just remarkably uncoordinated(I'd hope not. I wasn't too bad at playing netball or martial arts and they requires some level of hand-eye coordination!) In the meantime I shall go on with my existance running into doorframes and hurting myself on every desk I come across.

~~Random Logic~~

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